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Monday, September 24, 2007

Todd & Rhonda

Following our wedding on Saturday I had the opportunity to take the engagement pictures for Todd & Rhonda. We met on Sunday morning in Bellevue and Todd had picked out some great places for the pictures. We were worried about the weather as they were saying that there was supposed to be high winds but we were fortunate again with nearly perfect conditions. We had a great time at the state park with the people that were oblivious that we were in the middle of a photo shoot, (I guess me posing them and having all of my camera gear wasn't clue enough) and then at the creek with the horse that just had to be involved in the pictures! Thanks guys for a fun time, I can't wait for your wedding!
Erik - Inspired Images

Chris & Ashley

There couldn't have been a more beautiful day for an outdoor wedding than the one that we had on Saturday. The wedding of Ashley and Chris Trzaskos was a really wonderful event at the Maquoketa Country Club. Going back home for a wedding is always a fun. Ashley was a great friend to Tara and I all throughout highschool and beyond so it was just a great opportunity to be able to take the pictures on her wedding day. Having the golf course available as a backdrop was a nice touch and we took advantage. Being huge Iowa fans Ashley and Chris took that theme into the reception with a poem regarding Iowa football being read by Ashley and of course the Iowa fight song being played during the dance. Iowa nearly pulled the upset in Madison on Saturday night and gave the guests plenty to cheer about for the majority of the game.

I don't think that I can accurately describe the dance that followed, but I will say that a very good time was had by all.

Ashley and Chris, I hope that you have a wonderful time in Hawaii and I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Talk to you soon!

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A few New Zealand pics

Okay, so maybe it's more than a few but I couldn't narrow it down and I will probably just keep adding additional blog entries on here until I find time to make a website for them.

Tara and I got up early one morning before the sun rose to see if we could see some of the rare yellow eyed penguins leave their caves and waddle into the blue ocean for the day. Luckily we did get to see 3 of them and were also treated to a beautiful sunrise.
This is Queenstown on the first night that we stayed there, we arrived early in the morning and drove through rain nearly the whole way, and little did we know that it would rain continuously the rest of the day harder than any other on our trip. We made the most of it going to little shops and eating at one of the local cafes. When we were sufficiently water logged we decided that we should go to a movie. Being such a small town we were limited in our selections since the theatre only had 3 screens. We settled on "The Simpsons Movie" and found it pretty funny. When we left the theatre it had stopped raining and we were able to grab this shot through the low lying clouds.
We were fascinated with all of the sheep and got many pictures of them, this is one of our favorites.
Abel Tasman National Park. This is where we were able to go on a sea kayaking trip and had a great time with our guide Eric. I still think that our rendition of "Go Cubs Go" should have taken first place in the Abel Tasman Idol competition that we had while kayaking!
A beautiful waterfall that we came across on one of our many little hikes that we took along the way.

I have a lot of wedding and engagement pictures to go through from this weekend so I will be posting those soon - keep posted.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Kaylee Miller

We had a great time taking Kaylee Miller's senior pictures last night. We started off taking some at their house in their beautiful back yard, and then some lounging in their really cool lounge chairs in the living room. We followed that up with a road trip downtown to get some with an urban feel. Thanks Kaylee, Michelle, and Marty we had a great time. Hope to see you soon!

-Erik Inspired Images

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jon & Kelly

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have the best couples! Jon and Kelly are a couple of the most fun and down to earth people we have met. Their wedding was really beautiful and everyone in their wedding was just great. We had a blast taking all of the pictures, riding the party bus, and hanging out at the reception. I'll be in touch with you guys soon. Jon, we need to go riding sometime before the weather turns cold this fall!

Erik - Inspired Images