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Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just got home tonight from a family shoot with some good friends of mine from back in Maquoketa. We headed up to Saylorville but the first park that we wanted to go to was closed (possibly still due to the flooding from this summer) so we headed up near the dam and were able to sneak around up there and get some great shots. We started with a few group shots to loosen things up and eventually that paid off with Avery warming up more and more as time went on. She's such a cutie and a really sweet little girl. Here are a few shots from the session.

Thanks again guys, it was really great to see you again. We'll be in touch soon.

Erik - Inspired Images

Monday, September 22, 2008


So my weekend got even crazier as I had another senior session scheduled for Saturday as well. Jared is the son of one of my old friends from a previous job back in the Quad Cities. He's a wonderful young man, and one heck of an athlete. We got things started on Saturday late afternoon when we headed over to Bettendorf high school and got some pictures of him with his Jeep and Harley. I was so freakin jealous that I could hardly shoot the pics! ;) We got that finished up and headed down to the waterfront to get some sweet shots with the I-74 bridge as a backdrop as well as the Mississippi with the sun setting over the water. It was a beautiful night, though it went a lot faster than we thought it would. I had scheduled a wedding workshop for the next day, but had time in the morning to hook up some shots that we wanted to get in the night before. Of course with Jared being the running back for Bettendorf we had to head over to the high school again but this time to the football field to get some of him in his football gear. The lighting wasn't perfect by the time we made it out there but we made it work as I hauled some lights in, and it actually turned out really cool. Here are a few from our marathon session.

Thanks again guys, Jared you did a great job especially with all of the outfit changes that you had to put up with! Hopefully the next time we see you it won't be as long as this last time has. Good luck the rest of the season Jared, hope you guys can repeat!

Erik - Inspired Images


Last weekend I headed back home to get some pics for some old family friends. Hannah is now a senior at Maquoketa High School, and somehow we found a Friday night that would work out for both of our schedules. I headed out to their farm and we got some great shots on a bridge near their home which is named after their family. Following that we headed to a small acreage not far away and were rewarded with some great natural backdrops of birch trees and moss covered rocky bluffs. Hannah was a trooper hiking through all of the weeds and walking around in the timber barefoot. After that we headed to town to hit the country club while we still had some light to work with and got some really nice shots near one of the ponds and on the 9th green. Here are a few of the shots from our session.

Thanks again guys, it was so nice to see you again and get to spend a little time with you. Joel, you have a fantastic photographers eye, thanks for scouting out our locations! Hope to see you all again soon.

Erik - Inspired Images

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Bad Brody G

Brody came back today to get some pictures for his 1 year birthday. So we're a couple months late...oh well. It may have been easier to corral him when he was 1 year old cause now there's no stopping him! We were able to get quite a few cute shots, though it isn't hard when your working with this little guy. He and Max are running neck and neck in the cute department. Here are a few from this morning.

Thanks guys, oh Max wanted me to tell Brody that he wants to hang out sometime. You know, toss the ball around, scope some chicks, things like that. Have him call Max.

Talk to you soon.

Erik - Inspired Images

Alli's indoor shots

Alli came back to the studio this week to get her indoor shots. Yeah, this is the same girl as in the previous post. She decided to go with dark hair for these shots and I think it works really well. Alli was a lot of fun and had some really cute ideas. I had another shoot this morning and yes, I did find a skittle on the floor! Here are a few shots from this fun shoot.

Thanks again guys, I hope to see you soon!

Erik - Inspired Images

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Last night I had a great time taking David's senior pictures. David is a senior at Urbandale high school, he was a lot of fun and a really interesting guy. We walked around and got some urban shots, and then hit a park and got some there too. The light was great when we started but by the time we finished it was really cloudy and looking like rain. We were fortunate to get it in when we did. Here are a few of the pictures from last night.
Thanks David, hope to see you soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

David & Kendra

The outlook on tonight's engagement session with David and Kendra wasn't the best with rain coming through the area and with it starting just about the time we headed out, but we were hopeful that it would stay away until we could get some pictures taken. Luckily we weren't going far from the studio, just over to Drake's campus. Once there we just walked around and shot near many of their different buildings. It was a good time just hanging out, and dodging the rain drops. We were fortunate that the heaviest of the rain stayed away until we were getting to our cars, and that the clouds were light enough that there was good light throughout the session. Kendra and David are fun to hang out with and I can't wait for their wedding next May. Here are a few quick peeks at their engagement session.

Kendra you can see that I was able to get at least 4 shots without your mouth open so I would have to say mission accomplished! I hope you guys have a good week, we'll talk to you soon!


Erik - Inspired Images

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


You just never know what you're going to get when you have to schedule outdoor sessions months ahead of time. The weather channel had been calling for showers and thunderstorms all day and when the 90+ degree heat gave way to the much cooler 70's just hours later you had an idea that the weather man might be right. Fortunately for us the skies just clouded up a little and even offered a few peaks of sun here and there, and it was just about perfect. We headed to a small horse farm near Norwalk to take Alli's senior pictures. She has a love of horses and wanted to get some with a horse named Khadillac. We had a great time taking pictures both with and without Khadillac in them. Here are a few from Alli's outdoor session.

You knew I had to add this one!Thanks again guys, can't wait for the indoor session. We'll talk to you soon!

Erik - Inspired Images

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jeff & Ashlei's wedding

Last weekend we had the pleasure of taking the wedding pictures for Jeff and Ashlei Eganhouse. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding taking place on Jeff's parent's picturesque farm. The weather couldn't have been better with blue skies and moderate temperatures. Ashlei was brought to the congregation by a horse and buggy before being walked down the isle by her father, it was really pretty. It was a pretty quick but lovely ceremony with a surprise ending when Ashlei opened a box and released many monarch butterflies. Here are a few of the pictures from their day.

Thanks again guys, I hope to see you soon!

Erik - Inspired Images